From the Viareggio Carnival to the Cittadella del Carnevale

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Since 1873 the wagons have become more and more beautiful and luxurious where the most disparate materials are used, such as wood, scagliola or jute, where technique and imagination merge.

It is thanks to the “crisis” of sailing that the idea of ​​inaugurating the Carnival of Viareggio is born where artisans invent the floats that will parade.

The political satire as well as the custom with increasingly large floats where young people could climb, have fun and entertain the crowd.

 Since 1921, the parade has taken place on a walk, on the bitter avenues, to the rhythm of the “Champagne Cup” hymn of the Carnival. . Hence the “Magic head of the crat”.

In 1930 the painter Uberto Bonetti conceived the Burlamacco mask as a distinctive manifesto of the Viareggio carnival.

Since 2001 the Cittadella del Carnevale has been inaugurated, a place where to host modern laboratories for the construction of wagons and the school of papier-mâché. During the summer season between June and September, the Cittadella del Carnevale hosts musical events, papier-mâché laboratories, of wood, theatrical reviews and musical concerts with important personalities.

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