Itinerary Versilia alpi apuane garfagnana Pietrasanta

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Itinerary Versilia with departure from Lucca direction Borgo a Mozzano, Barga, Castelvecchio pascoli, Castelnuovo garfagnana, Arni, Massa, Pietrasanta.

Daily tour by car or by motorbike.

Departure from Lucca direction Castelnuovo Grafagnana with stop in Borgo a Mozzano reaching after 25 min or 21 km. In Borgo a Mozzano across Serchio River you can see th Il Diavolo Bridge.

You can reach Barga in 40 min with 23 km by car or motorbike. In Barga you can visit Duomo as a typical tuscan village.

From Barga you can reach Castelnuovo Pascoli by Strada Provinciale 7 coming in 20 min after 12 km. Here you can visit the home and the grave by Pascoli. You can visit the place and the Duomo.

You take direction National Apuan Alps Park reaching Arni only 25 min 20 km under Stazzema. It is a typical tuscan village only few minutes from Versilia coast.

Take direction Massa reaching in 35 min or 20 km. Here you can visit Piazza degli Aranci and Duomo. You take direction Pietrasanta arring in 20 min only 19 km.

We call Little Athens with gallery of Art, Duomo, the street where have shopping or have dinner at the restaurants Il Gatto Nero or L’Antica Macelleria.

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