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Legend Hermitage of Calomini narrates the apparition of The Madonna

to the shepherdress living in the area

From where the water springs the image of the Madonna is revealed

and thus became famous in all the neighboring villages


History tells us that as a result of its appearance many people

they went to the place to pray to her but given the growing number

they carried the statue to Gallicano the most honorable place

After twnty-four hours the statue was found where it had appeared

the first time and therefore it was decided to build a church here

A rock-hewn church called S. Maria ad Martyres was built

The miracles became more and more frequent and then it was decided to

expand and raise a Church worthy of the call


Building very suggestie and the architectural complex is located

at the base of a very high overhanging part about 70 mt high is

recessed for 15 mt inside the Rock

The sacristy and the convent remain inside the mountain

The main church is decoarted in an 18th century style

How to reach it

How to reach it is simple thanks to the help of Google Maps

by car it is about 53 km in 1 hour

The direction is for Gallicano an Vergemoli and the road is

certainly immersed in green with curves because the area is mountainous

Hours it seems that during the week it is close and opens :

sabato09–12 14:30–19:30
Time Table

0583 767003 Please call them before your arrival

More info


Where to eat

You can eat at the Pizzeria Il Vecchio Ponte or the Restaurant Eliseo

What to see nearby

The Cave of Wind i located 20 min far away from Calomini of Hermitage

Legend Hermitage of Calomini is an evocative architectural complex located at the base of a large overhanging wall about 70 meters high, it is embedded 15 meters inside the rock.

Legend Hermitage of Calomini is a place to visit above all during spring and summer

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