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Magic Fairies enchanted places make the Pozze di Ficciano. Crystal water with hidden natural pools in the green area of the natural beauty of Lunigiana

The Legend

A smal group of fairies move near these crystalline pools to wash their clothes and hang them on the rocks that surround the water .

August 7th seems to be the day you can see them. But it seems to be a legend!

Where is

Magic Fairies enchanted places It is located in the municipality of Fivizzano and the locals call them the Bozze delle Fate or Waterfalls Ficciano

After passing the village of Pognana towards Ficciano along the provincial road 41. Here along the road you will find a stone house and turning left of this house take the path and follow it for 15 min to find yourself at the swimming pools.

enchanted places

You can sit and listen to the sound of flowing water, birds singing and merge with the green color of the surrounding nature

They advise you not to take alternative routes because you could get lost.




Exploring Lunigiana is immersing yourself in an enchanted world, where history, nature and culture blend to create magical experiences
Our Tusvcany region also offers natural beauty with intrinsic charm in the northern area
Natural pools are found in several areas of our region and Lunigiana is rich in them as a green area vital to our existence on earth

When you decide to visit these green areas respecting nature is essential to preserve the environment and guarantee a suistainable future for nest generations

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