Motorcycle itinerary from Quiesa to Borgo a Mozzano: The Devil’s Bridge

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Route by motorcycle to Borgo a Mozzano a visit The Devil’s Bridge get in motion after about 50 minutes of travel

direction is Lucca, taking the S.P. Sarzanese, where across Quiesa, through the hairpin bends, you can admire a fantastic panoramic view of Viareggio.

Once you have climbed the mountain, you quickly descend towards the plain of Lucca and proceeding along the Sarzanese road you go towards S. Alessio, turning left at the petrol station which is on a large bend.

The Via di S. Alessio proceeds small among plowed fields and thus crosses the Parco del Serchio, a river that bathes Lucca.

Straight ahead for about 10 minutes until you reach Lucca on the way to Camaiore, where you will turn right along the bridge that crosses the Serchio.

Here you can stop to take photos from the bridge to the Serchio park or to Monte San Quirico that you will find behind you with the little houses that wrap around in the green of the hill.

Proceeding, cross the bridge and head towards Via del Brennero, following the SS 12, straight ahead to the Ponte della Maddalena or more famous Ponte del Diavolo.

Arrived, take some photos both on one side and on the other of the bridge as you can cross. The water is very blue and the bridge seems to support the two sides of the mountains that contain it.

Legend has it that the head mason, late in the construction of the bridge, came to terms with the devil and in agreement with him, he ended the bridge with his help in one night. The devil, however, wanted in exchange the soul of who was the first to pass by the bridge and slyly the head mason passed a dog at the end. The mocked devil took it and threw himself into the river.

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