Reach Pieve a Elici and go down through the Pieve path

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The road that leads to Pieve a Elici from Massarosa rises with wide turns and can be traveled by car in 20 minutes, 1 hour by bicycle, two hours on foot.

The road is paved and the route is medium-easy. After several hairpin bends that circle the hill full of olive trees, we arrive at Pieve a Elici.

This is an enchanted place, here is the church originally dedicated to Saint Ambrose bishop of Milan, was then enlarged as a Romanesque church and named after San Pantaleone.

Here several brides who come from Milan love celebrating marriage. Leaving from Pieve a Elici to reach Piano del Quercione in about 2 hours, you will follow the Via di Spezi, a small narrow street in the countryside. Turn right towards Luciano, a small village where time seems to have stopped.

Back to the narrow road along which ancient mills can be seen, you reach Spezi and then Coli, typical hamlets.

After the village of Coli the route will be steeply downhill, we meet a fountain to refresh ourselves and then reach Piano del Quercione.

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