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Taste Tuscany and Elderberry Syrup excellence of the region

gives us a pleasant scent

It blooms along the rivers in the humid woods along the roadside

spontaneously from the sea to the mountains

It is drunk with two parts of prosecco and is an excellent aperitif


Taste Toscany and Elderberry Syrup has a pleasant flavor

used to make various cocktails


Green leaves with flowers in clusters with an Intense aroma

and expanded foliage usually it rises up to 4 or 5 meters

It blooms between mid-May and late June


It has sweat properties: it increases sweating.

Rich in essential oils, acids, trace elements and flavonoid

Indicated for sinusitis and colds.

Also excellent as a diuretic, everything is used: flowers

the leaves the bark the fruits

You can also flavor the water with its flowers

How to use it

Taste Tuscany and Elderberry Syrup is used for the production

Elder flowers alternating with lemon slices dip

in a container full of water.

It is left to macerate for 48 hours sifiltra it is boiled for 15 minutes

adding half the sugar. It is cooled and bottled

It can also be used to make jams, infusions, decoctions or mother tincture



Sambuca was born in Tuscany thanks to the flowers together with fennel

anise with licorice and mint produces an excellent digestive

If, on the other hand, you enjoy it as a cocktail, don’t forget to put it in the glass

a coffee bean that enhances and reminds you of the Taste of Tuscany

glass of sambuca with coffee beans

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