The cribs in the province of Lucca

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The cribs in the province of Lucca will be a suggestion to spend a few days at Christmas 2012 in the province of Lucca starting from the Sunrise bed and breakfast in Quiesa to reach other towns where they set up living, handmade nativity scenes.

On December 7th the 33rd edition of the Christmas torchlight procession is held in the Municipality of Gallicano.
Municipality of Barga December 23 Living Nativity in the historic center.

Municipality of Bagni di Lucca IV National Exhibition of Cribs in the Circolo dei Forestieri hall from 8 December to 6 January.

Municipality of Stazzema Crib exhibition in the Antro del Corchia from 8 December 2012 to 6 January 2013
Municipality of Camaiore “Review of t

he Cribs” exhibition in different locations of Camaiore from December 23rd 2012 to January 8th 2013.

The nativity scenes of Camaiore and Antro del Corchia are the closest in about 20 minutes by car, while others further away are 40 or 5 minutes by car from Quiesa.

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