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The Legendary Montramito lake in Massarosa with only 13 km separating us

from B&B Sunrise in Massarosa Quiesa

reading here it seems that this lake carries with it a mysterious legend

The Story

The legendary Montramito lake is truly amazing because it starts

in the distant Middle Ages

where the story begins from a convent of begging friars

The convent was old decadent and the friars went there daily

to beg for food and water

Whoever supported the friars in their need as long as….

Need for wealth

Need for wealth on the part of the friars the need to have food wine

riches increased more and more

In the evening after collecting the loot and riches between laughter

and a sinful longing they went to sleep happy


In the cold winter night suddenly the beds began to shaking the ground

under the convent began to shake as long as a strong shock woke the friars

a roar and then….

Next Morning

Next morning silence surprise and a small lake. Incredibly anyone passing

by could see that the covent was gone

Sink into the earth with all the friars!!

The Legendary Montramito Lake

Here is the Montramito lake where there is no trace of the

friars of the convent but only a seraphic lake

The source of this lake was used by the Ubaldi family who had

placed the castle in the Gulfa location near the lake

Today the pond

Also known as Prunuccio the source comes from Monte Meto

from the gravelly bottom where we can find :

tench carp pike sturgeon rainbow trout and black bass char

Legendary Montramito Lake


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