Visit to the Ville Lucchesi

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Visit to the Ville Lucchesi

The typical Lucca area is the one that the wealthiest merchant families began to build at the beginning of the century. XVI.

They are more than anything at the foot of the hills in a chosen position in order to dominate the plain and yet remain secluded.

The architects who built the villas of the merchants are the same ones who built the city’s palaces for them. The same severe and measured style.

The centerpiece of the building was the inner courtyard. the villa is a pleasant place to stay, but it is also the place where farms are carefully managed, where agricultural work is monitored.

The enclosed park surrounds the villa divided into regular compartments for the garden, orchard and orchard. The water expertly derived from streams feeds tanks, fountains and jets.

The main avenue, again with a non-accessible access portal, is where possible, aligned with the Villa and continues up to the back of the building, up to the beginning of the wood, closed by an architecturally elaborate perspective.

Naturally many of these villas had radical transformations.

The facades became animated, loggias and terraces enriched with statues, the gardens take on more wavy aspects.

At the beginning of the 19th century the parks of the villas were transformed into “English”.

They are many but among the few open to the public: Villa Reale, Villadi Marlia, Villa Mansie Segromigno, Villa Torrigiani in Camigliano, Villa Garzoni in Collodi.

The first three are located about 10 km north of Lucca. The Villa Garzoni is located in Pescia.

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