All the news for edition 2015 Lucca Comics and Games

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For the public all the news for Lucca Comics and Games edition 2015:

Piazzale verdi: in the Building ex cavallerizza  just restored for the festival, where an area will be dedicated to the videogames,where you can find the music stage and the cosplay parade at Baluardo san Donato.

Max 80 thousand persons per day with the closing of saturday 31th october at h.21..00

Japan town enlarges its area with a location in Piazza san francesco and in the Giardino degli Osservanti also via dei Bacchettoni with a 600 mq of stands.

 “Yes, we travel” is the theme about this kermesse dedicated to the comics, because it will be a journey into fantasy that the Lucca City will live for 4 days from 29th october to 1st november 2015.

I wish you a good Comics!  

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