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Burlamacca Canal of Viareggio borns in the Municipality of Massarosa in Montramito

and reaches the sea after 9,6 km

The Canal takes its name by a Family From Lucca named Burlamacchi perhaps

it crossed the lands of this family

From the Fosse papiriane a system of canals built by the Romansover time one of these

became the Berlumacca Canale of Viareggio

The Canal represents for the Republic of Lucca the future outlet to the seaand the commercial port

which became important over time

The area was subjected to land reclamation from1488 but only with the engineer Bernardino Zerdini

in 1741 it was finally put in order and definitively under the fascist regime

Today we see the canazilation system designed between 1932 to 1938

This network of canals not only served to reclaim the area but were used for the transport of good

among which the Olive Oil

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