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Itinerary in Pistoia area by motorbike starting from B&B Sunrise

it take about 2 Hours of travel with 118 km

These are following steps : B&B Sunrise Quiesa Gragnano Pescia

Park of Baths Altopascio

You can also do it by car

The Steps

1 Steo of 29 Km for 41min Travel to reach Gragnano under Lucca here

you will find The oak of the witches

It is a big Oak located in the park of Villa Carrara and Gragnano

Big Oak

Itinerary in Pistoia area

2 Step of 50 Km 1 hour Travel to get Pescia. Beautiful city of origins medieval

buildings to visit Palazzo Comunale Cathedral hesperidarum Garden of International

level Palazzo del Vescovato and Palazzo Cecchi





3 Step of 61,5 Km 1 hour Travel to reach Parco delle Terme 

It is not just the baths of Montecatini Thermal baths but also visiting

its garden with neo-gothic and liberty style building



4 Step by 77 km 1 hour 37 min to get Altopascio. It is a village known by pilgrims

who traveled the Via Francigena to Rome

Thay call it The City of the Bread you can visit the Church of San Jacopo

The walled village and the Hospitallers’ Complex

Motorbike itinerary with Map where some sections will be made on the highway

A!! to be done in the day starting and arriving at Quiesa

if you want you can stay in Montecatini Baths . Montecatini is a elegant city where you can have SPA


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