Itinerary to discover the water springs of Massarosa

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Try to follow this itinerary considering that the territory of the Municipality of Massarosa, developing on a hilly area, enjoys the presence of numerous springs.
The main sources are about 66 and of good quality, sometimes even excellent, the potability indicator is very high, ie with the total absence of bacteria.
The sources that I am going to indicate are not all deserving:

“Renzo Zia” is named after the professor and geologist who discovered it. Located in the Case Rosse district in the hamlet of Massaciuccoli, along via Pietra Padule at the entrance to the dirt road that leads to the reclamation area.

“Acqua Chiara” in via Acqua chiara in Massarosa can be reached from Via Sarzanese Valdera towards Pieve a Elici continue for 350 meters in via Canipaletti, here turn right into via Acqua Chiara where the spring is located.

“Madonna dell’Acqua” is found coming from Quiesa and climbing the mountain in the direction of Lucca along the Sarzanese, where not only is there a madonna plastered with rosettes for the new born but also the spring.

“Polla del Morto” is located in Massarosa, taking via Don Minzoni towards Pieve a Elici, continuing for about 150 meters along via Canipaletti, turning right into via Polla del morto where the spring is located.

“Madonna della Spelonca” in Mommio Castello can be reached from Via Sarzanese Piano di Conca along the Via delle Sections in the direction of Bargecchia and after passing the hamlet of Corsanico you reach Mommio Castello and from the car park you walk 250 meters to reach the spring.

All the sources indicated can be a point of arrival or departure to pass a Sunday by bicycle, quenching one’s thirst at the springs of Massarosa.

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