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Kingdom Truffle Tasting Museum welcomes you in Tuscany at Val D’Orcia

The Museum invite you to immerse yourself in the

fascinating hisotry and scent over whelming of the truffle

Truffle Museum

We are at the truffle Museum of San Giovanni d’Asso we are in the heart of the Crete

Senesi It will take you on a sensorial journey combining culture taste and art

Unique experience for those seeking contact between mind and smell in ancient castle

with an exposure of 250 mq.

How it develops

The Museum is divided into several sections.

The frist sections offers the Mistery of the truffle

It seems to originate from alegend linked to a food consumed by witches linked to witcraft and

eroticism to its aphrodisiac properties and its hisotry in scientific terms

The first stage as a sensorial experience called the truffle and the senses

It offers a journey linked to touche hearing taste ans smell immersing yourself in its scent with other smells is an experience

The next section is dedicated to traveling and seeing a truffle in search of it through the figures of truffle hunters and dogs

Finally we have the processing of truffles and its implementations in cuisine in cultures both peasant and upper – class as well as conservation


It is more than a museum it is a journey through the culture gastronomy and beauty of the truffle

You will be thrilled to share thsi passion with other travel companions

Welcome to an unforgettable experience in the wolrd of truffles.

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Kingdom Truffle Tasting Museum

San Giovanni d’asso village a timeless village rich in history and charm

Stroll through the cobbled streets and admire the historic buildings that tell of centuries of tradition

and culture.

The Majestic Castle where you a stop which domintes the village with its ancient towers and imposing walls with a breathtaking view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside

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