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Magic Tree with eyes if you feel like taking a trip to the Apennines from Pistoia

I recommend it because I was struck by its connection with the territory and the writer Tuscan Terzani

We are in the province of Pistoia the village is the place of apssage for hiker crossed by the stream of the same name once lived sheep farming and woo cutting.

terzani chose it as a palce to live and one comes here to travel the “Path of terzani”

Path of Terzani




How to get there Magic Tree with eyes

You can get there by car or bus from Prachia and then continue to the hamlet of case Cucciani is followed to reach tree with the eyes

It’s true and proper spiritual path rather than trekking

A path that leads to reflection that can means a beginning or an end of journey within oneself.

Magic Tree with eyes is magical place where you will find this cherry tree chosen by Terzanias point of

arrival where you can find your own soul but also meet the soul of nature about the cherry tree as the writer explained to his nephew

The tree has two eyees like a human because he thought of each tree as if had its own soul to respect

This is a place of silence peace where you can gather.

Enveloped in the chestnut wood, you can get there in a few minutes and the route is simple


Walk suitable for everyone with well marked trails.

Trekking can be done all year round in good weather in spring in autumn best season to visit

for the colors and parfumes.

The fund is dirt and is turns into the woods. To be done with comfortable shoes

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