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Paper tradition from Pescia a town 48 km from B&B Sunrise has opened

at public Paper Museum

The aim is to pass on and spread one’s culture and knowledge oldest means

of comnmunication : paper.

The Museum conserves about 7,000 pieces including watermarked wax paper

forms punches metal sheets vintage tools and machinery

It belongs to the paper district of Lucca and also to a widespread system project

of industrial paper archeology


The visit takes place at the paper mill at

Magnani Historical Archive

Full Price ticket 12 € Reduced 8 €

Free Children up to 6 y

For details visit Visit


The activities that usually take place on Saturdays are called Mastro Cartaio Saturdays

offer an opportunity to produce the card at the time of the visit from the workers

I recommend it to families and children to introduce them to the ancient techniques for cooking 

stitching production of the watermark that they can take home

Rservation required at least 5 days before the date of the visit 


Pescia paper Museum


Paper Tradition from Pescia

Paper is an important testimony that carries a tradition into the future ancient otherwise lost

the use of vintage machinery is the demonstration by the paper masters of how this is done

unique prduct of its kind conveyed all possible information until to the creation of images from the distant past up to the present day

The way of paper

The way of paper was born from the idea of creating a cultural and tourist itinerary project

it developed between Lucca and Pistoia two of the most important districts in the world to retrace

in time and space

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