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Sunflowers equal to Tuscany is for those who immediately think of the yellow of the

Sunflowers of this wonderful land

In our area near lake Massciuccoli we also have a large area dedicated to cultivation

You will find the Sunflowers after Lake Massaciuccoli proceding along Via Pietra Padule which

reaches the Aurelia in the Migliarino area

As you can see from the Map Google also gives you fields of Sunflowers as the main image To immerse yourself in these fields if you want to be photographed you can come from mid-June.

On the FI-PI-LI there are several fields of sunflowers near Lavoria and Vicariello

Sunflowers equal to Tuscany


Cultivations have more than doubled in the province of Pisa where farmers continue to believe in this production in competition with Ukraine Russia and Eastern countries.

The crops are mostly developed Val di Cecina San Giuliano Cascina Pontedera Migliarino.

A quarter of Tuscany’s total production is produced in the province of Pisa

What are Sunflowers for?

It seems that its seeds rich in vitamins magnesium iron are useful in the fields of medicine and cosmetics

Also useful as a spy plant that allows you to keep harmful insects away from the garden and obviosly sunflower seeds in the production of sunflower seed oil

Fields of Sunflowers in Tuscany

The yellow of sunflowers can also be found in the province of Florence in the Mugelloarea in the Val d ‘Orcia nominated an UNESCO heritage site.

At Crete Senesi unique scenarios we then have the Valk di Chiana

Photographing the Beauty of Sunflowers

Sunflower equal to Tuscany for those who are passionate about photography the sunflower fields offer

endless opportunities to capture colorful and breathtaking images.

Golden light blue skies and yellow flower create a perfect visual combination

If you are a photography enthusiast the sunflowers fields offer golden light blue skies and yellow flowers create a perfect visual combination.

Tuscany its Sunflowers will be an unmissable stop even perhaps by structuring an itinerary combined with a series of photographs to included in your social account to inspire other travellers to follow you too.

Sunflower equal to Tuscany

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