The hamlets of Massarosa: from Quiesa to Pieve a Elici passing through Compignano.

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The Municipality of Massarosa with its hamlets includes a large area of ​​about 68.95 square kilometers with 14 hamlets. Talking about all of them would be too long and boring and some deserve a separate Blog like Pieve a Elici, Gualdo.

Others, although they all develop partly on the hilly territory, are often hamlets close to the Sarzanese SS.439 busy but convenient linking Lucca and Viareggio. Others are as fascinating as the “Chic hill of Bargecchia”, as I call it, with its beautiful villas and the breathtaking view.

The most famous is certainly Massaciuccoli, which is only 2 km from Quiesa and from the B&B Sunrise, where we find the port on the Lake, the LIPU Oasis. After Quiesa, continuing along the Sarzanese road in the direction of Lucca before turning right over the mountain, turning right takes a fairly small road, where in many places only one car passes and can be reached by climbing the steep hillside, Compignano, a village with a breathtaking view to 275 slm but which is about 8 km from Massarosa, one of the fractions with greater altitude after Gualdo, with its 341 slm.

La Piaggetta is the most famous linked to the Villa Ginori, the most industrious is Montramito. One of the smallest villages is Montigiano where the Bolognese buy the last Tuscan country houses. Then I discovered “Scherzi”, not knowing that it existed, but looking for a map like this that you place below so as to give you an idea of ​​a green and alternative vacation, if anything, come to the Bed and breakfast Sunrise.

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