The Rocca in Ripafratta

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The Rocca in Ripafratta or Rocca San paolino is only 18 min by car

from B&B Sunrise Massarosa

San Giuliano terme is the village where you will find th Rocca in about 11 km

you will get there by car passing through Massaciuccoli village

Village and Rocca

They arise overlooking and dominating the rice fields from above

Serchio river close to Monte Pisano mounbtain system you do not

confuse with the Pisan Hills


History tells us that the Rocca was born as a customs outpost

because it stood between Pisa and Lucca

This area is called Colle Vergario it was the strategic location because

it stood on the road connected Pisa to Lucca

They also called it Rocca di San paolino patron saint of Lucca

Built by Consortium of the local noble Da Ripafratta family

Its construction served to collect road and river tolls

The Lucchesi took over the building and the Nobles not knowing

defend themselves they asked for help by The Pisans

The Pisans managed to recover Ripafratta

the customs duties applied by the family and the designated

place under Pisan influence

Over the years it was sold again and again and increasingly fortified

enlarged and made more and more secure

The construction of the city walls dates back to this period existing


The increasingly disputed Castle over the centuries was taken from



Iregular polygonal plan with a tower in the centre quadrangular

and two other towers flank the Walls

Then we find Torre Centino and Torre Niccolai and a third anonymous

tower little preserved

Let’s Save The Rocca in Ripafratta

Let’s save La Rocca in Ripafratta

It is an association whoese aim is to

preserve it because today it is in decay

Today the FAI has launched a capaign like places of heart

to support donations in order to recover the Rocca

It can be visited by walking up to the fortress by a path

easy even for the less experienced

The interior is all collapsed but full of hungry vegetation

to cover everything

We save La Rocca with your presence


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