Tuscan Holiday Itinerary by bike unknown villages

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Tuscan Holiday Itinerary by bike unknown villages. easy by car : Quiesa, San Concordio a Moriano, fabbriche di Vergemoli, Pascoso, Pescaglia, Quiesa. Route 117 km – time 2 h 55′ From Quiesa to San Concordio a Moriano 30 min – 19 km San Concordio a Moriano unkown village, on tuscan hills surrounded by olive groves.

Visit San Concordio Church  already existed in 948. From San Concordio a Moriano to Fabbriche di Vergemoli 44 min – 35 km Fabbriche di Vergemoli very old village with Ponte della Dogana From Fabbriche di Vergemoli –

Pascoso 17 min – 9 km in Pascoso we wil advise you to have dinner la Sosta Restaurant From Pascoso to Pescaglia  13 min  8 km Pescaglia old and little Village  many churches and religious buildings From Pescaglia to Camaiore 47 min 30 Km

In Camaiore you can visit Badia di Camaiore, Pieve di Santo Stefano, San Michele Church and Immacolata Concezione Church.

Tuscany Holiday Itineraries http:// https://goo.gl/maps/UzvcGzGf38u

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