Viareggio Harbor Master’s Office

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Viareggio harbor Master’s Office was born on 18th August 1908

Thanks to maria Luisa di Borbone who had the dock of the port of Viareggio built

in 1819 thanks to desire to expand the shipyards

In 1908 the governement understood that the port of Viareggio was and could become

a point of reference for shipbuilding and welcoming boat to sail the Mediterranean

On January 1, 1909 the celebration was scheluded with the governement and local

authorities but due of the earthquake of december 28, 1908 in Sicily, the money allocated

was donated to the families affected by the earthquake in difficulty

Later, the Port Authority of Viareggio was established and designated as a port office

with jurisdiction up to Pisa

In addition the port offices of Forte dei marmi Marina di massa and Marina di carrara went under

his control

Viareggio Harbor Master’s Office

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