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You find your destiny at the Monastery of San Bruzio. 2 Km from village of Magliano Maremma Tuscany

in the countryside in an isolated location only ruins of what was once the Cathedral of San Bruzio remain.

The Legend

There is a legend lnked to this place : A girl in love asks fate by going to this Cathedral so that save the life of her lover. Destiny which granted itself to those who had a pure granted this request.

De stiny granted her wish but in exchange the girl gave her life. Once saved the boy went to this place but destiny did not grant him his wish to get his beauty back. This is because Destiny grants you whether or noit you have been pure of heart.

You find your destiny this is the way


Stories other stories link and tell of this place where it seems that the nuns who were subjected to rape went to give birth

The right place because far from the isolated world here illegitimate children were born and were adopted by familiies who asked for adoption in exchange for silence.

Legends and stories San Bruzio


Today’s appearance remains a ruin with beautiful capitals in Roman architectural style

Originally the plan was a Latin cross with a nave approxximately 30 mt long and the transept 20 mt


Magliano Village 

Magliano Village in the Tuscan Maremma part of which is located in the Grosseto park a natural park 

It is located in the Tuscan Maremma a region characterized by hilly landscapes cutlivated fields and charming medieval walls and for its natural beauty including green hills and olive groves.

The region also offers excellent food and wine products such as wine and olive oil which reflect the rich culinary tradition of Tuscany.





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