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Ettore Cat of Viareggio Pier is a small monument dedicated

to him

He was the most famous cat in Viareggio. A memory dedicated to a

a friend of fisherman

He was found on the beach of Viareggio with its five little brothers

wrapped up in the sand

The first care came from a lady and then he became the character most

famous of this place.

Ettore Cat of Viareggio had become the cuddle of all fishermen where

his home was the sea the sky

the boats the pier

Alfredo who baptized him

Alfredo man from Viareggio arrived one day and seeing him I called him

Ettore to invite him to eat some fish brought for him

They became friends and Alfredo took care of bringing him food in all


One day after 19 y of life Alfredo found Ettore dead

Bronze statue

The Bronze statue

The bronze statue of Ettore was commissioned by Alfredo’s daughter

who by collecting money had bronze statue made that portrayed him

The memory will be indelible and anyone who goes to the Viareggio pier

will be able to see the statue positioned right at the entrance to the pedestrian


Ettore cat of Viareggio is a legend a symbol that recalls and makes us remember

the city of Viareggio

A beautiful memory a special friend of all not just Alfredo his mantle brondle his

idleness his sweet sleep here and there from the boat to the dock his purr for

anyone who stroked him

Ettore our friend

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