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Stay Cool Itinerary is a great idea to breathe and find refreshement

in this hot summer

It develops through Tuscan towns villages for a time of about 2 h50 min

to be done by car or motorbike

Stay cool itinerary starts from Quiesa – Pietrasanta – Barga – bagni di Lucca


In 128 km you can visit at least thre different locations

The first will be Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta first Stop

Pietrasanta is located about 18 km from Quiesa

Elegant town in the heart of Versilia in 25 min you can

reach this town

Cradle of art called Little Athens hosts works throughout the year

exhibited both in the streets of the town and in the Church of

S. Agostino today adapted for exhibitions of sculptors

Pietrasanta offers the Cathedral with Madonna del Sole indoor


We go towards Barga.

In 1 h 10 min of travel. It is certainly one of the most beautiful

villages in Italy

In Barga you will find the Cathedral of San Cristoforo and other

minor churches

The Pascoli Home poet located in a hamlet of Barga in

Castelvecchio Pascoli

Teatro dei Differenti is interesting because it was established

in 1799 with th Accademia dei Differenti to stimulate the

passion for the theater

Highly recommended

Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca you will reach in about 25 min of travel

So famous for its water the first took place here

Triumvirate between Caesar Pompey and Crassus

There are several spas with water even at 54°

Villa Ada to visit the Chain Bridge in Fornoli village

of Bagni di Lucca

Stay Cool Itinerary

Here you will find the Museo degli Impossibili where

will be on show a collection of strange objects related to the


Museo dell Impossibile

The journey is over and from here it will be your turn bach

at B&B Sunrise 




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