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Going for butterflies in Tuscany is a green itinerary that I recommend

for your next holidys

By chance I discovered that in the Tuscan archipelago we also have the

Butterfly Santctaury

We are on Monte Perone on the island of Elba

Dedicated to Ornella Casnati

The sanctuary was built to dedicate it to Ornella Casnati

scholar and naturalist but died prematurely

Going for butterflies in Tuscany is an occasion created by

Enel lega Ambiente and archipelago national park Tuscan

for the realization and to attract attention towards nature

Butterfly species

We find in this area of 6 km2 at least 50 different species of

butterflies where they have settled between the pine forest

the scrub and the meadows

We find the Polissena disappeared for at least sixty years the

conspicuous one Cleopatra the blue winged Tecla

However you will find many signs along the way that explain

what butterflies you will find on your path

The multicolored Vanessa

The multicolored Vanessa appears to have reappeared after 100 Y

of absence

They are Nymphalid lepidoptera insects that inhabit temperate zones

It feeds on thistles and artichokes

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Thecla with blue wings

The blue – winged Tecla has particularities of the blue color is

given by the repetitiveness of the surface of its wings which

it gives the blue color not being pigments of this color 

It flies fast and the female is distinguished by a black line

which ends the two lower wings

It feeds itself by sicking in the juice of rotten fruit and also 

fluids dead animals spores mushrooms

The name derives by Menelaus the king of ancient Spart


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