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Choose which Tuscan pecorino to choose is a good question because Tuscany

has many quality pecorino cheeses

They are many and can be found in different seasonings coming from

different areas of the region

Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino cheese is a product deriving from sheep’s milk

The dough is hard soft semi-rigid cylindrical in shape with flat

sides about 15 or 22 cm in shape

The firm crust of yellowish color. The taste is fragrant tasty


Stages of Seasoning

The stages of pecorino cheese are at least two :

Fresh seasoning froma min of 20 days to a max of 60 days

Makes the cheese more tender. The pecorino cheese is matured

for more than 60 days firm tasty and hurd to cut

The seasoning takes place in an enviroment at +10°/+15° and a constant

Most famous pecorino cheese

Choose which Tuscan pecorino among the best pecorino are :

Pecorino Garfagnana that we usually offer in our brekfast als called


Pecorino from Migliarino San Rossore Park which is close to B&B Sunrise

Plinio of the Lunigiana Apuana Coast or from Massa

Pecorino di Pienza Marzolino is produced in several areas with fresh milk from March / April with a soft and sweet flavor

Where to buy the cheese

In Massarosa near us Triglia salami factory in Gombitelli

In Pieve a Fosciana near Lucca Bertagni dairy

The Consortium

The consortium has an official website created for Pecorino Toscano DOP The Consortium works to have quality products respecting the tradition and the enhancement of cheese in the world

Pecorino info and more

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